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Saturday, February 27, 2010

People keep asking me which gun to get... as I have pointed out this is like asking which tool should I buy... a screwdriver or a hammer.... there ya go... anyway - KNOWLEDGE is the first place to start... you are going to learn about Geometry, metallurgy, propellant chemistry, ballistics, psychology, physiology, History, Physical Fitness, Moral Hierarchy, situational awareness, and self-evaluation... and you get to learn to be Free - only the Armed are Free... the unarmed are slaves whether in chains or no. Best place to start is Boston's Gun Bible... John Rawles gives a great review below:

JWR’s Book Review: Boston's Gun Bible

Boston's Gun Bible stands alone as the very best all-around reference for firearms owners. Not only does it cover practical rifles, pistols, and shotguns in detail, but it has a wealth of valuable information on related subjects such as optics, practical carry, training, legal issues, and legislative issues. The new expanded and updated edition (with 200 extra pages) is fantastic!

This weighty tome is an absolute must for all gun owners. At $28 it isn't cheap, but as I stated before in reviewing the previous edition, it is worth every penny. Boston's observations and conclusions about guns are precisely researched, scientific, and relatively dispassionate. Unlike many other writers in the firearms field, Boston has consistently shown that he is willing to change his mind when presented with logical evidence.

This is a book that may very well save the life of yourself or a loved one. It is also a highly influential book that may contribute in the long run to the restoration of our Constitutional Republic and freedom around the world. Boston's Gun Bible doesn't just whine about the decline of our God-given Constitutional liberties. Rather, it shows practical solutions that individual Citizens can and must take to insure the liberty of future generations. It is nothing short of a monumental work of non-fiction!

Don't just buy one copy. Buy two! You will soon find that you'll need an extra copy to lend out to family members and friends. By the way, if you already have the older edition, then I strongly suggest that you buy the latest expanded edition. This has valuable new information, so is well worth getting a new copy.

As a published writer, I stand in awe of this important piece of non-fiction. It deserves a place of honor on the bookshelf of every freedom-loving Citizen.

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