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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Another Home Run... from Matt.


I would add the flavor of the Mexican civil war to this also... a continuum from Northern Ireland (1980s) to Bosnia (1990s) to Mexico (1910) - there is the Logistics Card to play also. This could well short circuit CW2 to a much quicker is deadlier conclusion (short -term)... though the “5,000 shoes” model would favor this as a less deadly long-term outcome.

The Logistics Card is all geographic and asymmetric as only a handful of people are needed to execute this. The Urban/Non-white/socialist centers live on a very narrow logistics artery... very narrow. They also have low Societal Trust... therefore, any disruption in logistics will be catastrophic.

Urban Areas produce Bankers & Traders, Rap Stars & Playwrights, Socialites and Socialism... Rural Area produce only Food, Water, and Power...
The question, in times of CW2, will come down to how long can we live without Bernie Madoff, Lil' Wayne, and Paris Hilton versus how long can cities live without Food, Water and Power. (Hint: it is a tiered answer)

This (assuming the urban areas last more than a few weeks – something I, only theoretically, entertain) prompts the scenario of organized groups (gangs) or Unorganized Groups (mobs) of urbanites heading into the countryside looking for Food, Water, and Power. Now this is not something to take lightly – these groups will, by necessity, be tough/armed/lucky... they will not be trained/marksmen/woodsman... that is my team. I will use my county as a model – not the best but not the worst either...

(this is a good resource to locate data by zip, city, or county – though some of the data is wrong [Obama did not win our county – the results of 2008 election have been transposed – mistake or design ;-{D who can say])

Note: I have been seeing a lot of 'bad' data about our county... esp. true with more mainstream media sources... i.e. their intel is hosed...
NOTE: 52 TEA party members and 8 gunshops are listed for Blair County... I can understand generating the last number – look in the Yellow Pages or check with ATF (neither one of which was done) they would find we have dozens of gunshops and +/- 15 ranges (including 3 one thousand yard ranges within 90 minutes of Altoona) the 1st number is absolutely wrong – but since there is no membership list/card/fee it prompts the question of where did we get these #s – for the record our local tea parties (educational seminars) usually have 200-300 participants with about ½ being new attendees at our events (picnics – rallies – and the such) we have between 500 – 800... so take MSM data (not just the 'reporting') with a jaundiced eye.

City-Data notes:
97% of our county is homogeneous – we have very large percentage of combat vets in our county – 90%+ of our residents were born here. Our schools are out for the 1st day of Deer Season.

What we have is a large, Well-armed, Motivated, Trained, experienced group of people who, generally, are 'Believers' and Constitutionalists... who have been roaming these hills for decades and have generations of experience with the local terrain. That gives us the game, set, and, match – all we need to do is show up.

I am prepared – with like minded peoples - to help with Refugees or hammer looters, to provide for our county both with positional and forward defense... Most of my current gaming is based on salvage operations in the cities during the following spring... the hungry times. Following that establishing a power structure to repel or neutralize those who may see a 'power vacuum'...

Yours in Freedom – Scott


PS -


I am the 4th Picture down... note two things – the comments are not part of our 'shared reality' and two they did not give appellation on their photos... mine was taken by a Reuters Photog.... !