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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Another Home Run... from Matt.


I would add the flavor of the Mexican civil war to this also... a continuum from Northern Ireland (1980s) to Bosnia (1990s) to Mexico (1910) - there is the Logistics Card to play also. This could well short circuit CW2 to a much quicker is deadlier conclusion (short -term)... though the “5,000 shoes” model would favor this as a less deadly long-term outcome.

The Logistics Card is all geographic and asymmetric as only a handful of people are needed to execute this. The Urban/Non-white/socialist centers live on a very narrow logistics artery... very narrow. They also have low Societal Trust... therefore, any disruption in logistics will be catastrophic.

Urban Areas produce Bankers & Traders, Rap Stars & Playwrights, Socialites and Socialism... Rural Area produce only Food, Water, and Power...
The question, in times of CW2, will come down to how long can we live without Bernie Madoff, Lil' Wayne, and Paris Hilton versus how long can cities live without Food, Water and Power. (Hint: it is a tiered answer)

This (assuming the urban areas last more than a few weeks – something I, only theoretically, entertain) prompts the scenario of organized groups (gangs) or Unorganized Groups (mobs) of urbanites heading into the countryside looking for Food, Water, and Power. Now this is not something to take lightly – these groups will, by necessity, be tough/armed/lucky... they will not be trained/marksmen/woodsman... that is my team. I will use my county as a model – not the best but not the worst either...

(this is a good resource to locate data by zip, city, or county – though some of the data is wrong [Obama did not win our county – the results of 2008 election have been transposed – mistake or design ;-{D who can say])

Note: I have been seeing a lot of 'bad' data about our county... esp. true with more mainstream media sources... i.e. their intel is hosed...
NOTE: 52 TEA party members and 8 gunshops are listed for Blair County... I can understand generating the last number – look in the Yellow Pages or check with ATF (neither one of which was done) they would find we have dozens of gunshops and +/- 15 ranges (including 3 one thousand yard ranges within 90 minutes of Altoona) the 1st number is absolutely wrong – but since there is no membership list/card/fee it prompts the question of where did we get these #s – for the record our local tea parties (educational seminars) usually have 200-300 participants with about ½ being new attendees at our events (picnics – rallies – and the such) we have between 500 – 800... so take MSM data (not just the 'reporting') with a jaundiced eye.

City-Data notes:
97% of our county is homogeneous – we have very large percentage of combat vets in our county – 90%+ of our residents were born here. Our schools are out for the 1st day of Deer Season.

What we have is a large, Well-armed, Motivated, Trained, experienced group of people who, generally, are 'Believers' and Constitutionalists... who have been roaming these hills for decades and have generations of experience with the local terrain. That gives us the game, set, and, match – all we need to do is show up.

I am prepared – with like minded peoples - to help with Refugees or hammer looters, to provide for our county both with positional and forward defense... Most of my current gaming is based on salvage operations in the cities during the following spring... the hungry times. Following that establishing a power structure to repel or neutralize those who may see a 'power vacuum'...

Yours in Freedom – Scott


PS -


I am the 4th Picture down... note two things – the comments are not part of our 'shared reality' and two they did not give appellation on their photos... mine was taken by a Reuters Photog.... !

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Glynn Wilson,

My question to you Re:

"Living in a Land of Rising Right-Wing Hate"

How many Tea Party or Militia meetings have you attended? I doubt you are in compliance with FEDERAL LAW regarding your militia responsibilities*... if you are you have my apologies. An old Jewish proverb - "Before you Judge - Investigate." Sound Wisdom. I have not seen any of the 'Hate' you describe only a profound Love and Reverence for the U. S. Constitution... the Highest Law of the Land.

It is perhaps a combination of 'Projection' and simple laziness... but maybe you, simply, have not thought this through... so I will assume Ignorance not Aggression and put the ball in your court.

Attend these events - keep your mouth closed and your eyes open and then THINK about what they are saying... read the Constitution and the Federalist & Anti-federalist papers - read Locke, Plutarch, and the other writers our Founders read... Imagine that there is something you would kill or die for... or just keep doing what you are doing - typing your intellectual stupor out on to the web.

By the by: I am not 'Right Wing' - at least according to the "Nolan Chart" :
& I am overcome, not by hate, but with a Dismayed Sadness at the absolute LUST that seems to dominate the Socialist Collective to drive us Headlong over the Cliff of Civil War; a war they cannot win.

I will keep to my Oath as a defender of the U. S. Constitution as I was charged 30 years ago as an Army ROTC cadet signing my 'contract'... Education can, almost, always defuse conflict... if even only through realizing your self-appointed enemy is too tough to prevail against.

Bona na Croin – Scott



"If voting could change the system, it would be illegal."" 
— Theodor Adorno

Saturday, February 27, 2010

People keep asking me which gun to get... as I have pointed out this is like asking which tool should I buy... a screwdriver or a hammer.... there ya go... anyway - KNOWLEDGE is the first place to start... you are going to learn about Geometry, metallurgy, propellant chemistry, ballistics, psychology, physiology, History, Physical Fitness, Moral Hierarchy, situational awareness, and self-evaluation... and you get to learn to be Free - only the Armed are Free... the unarmed are slaves whether in chains or no. Best place to start is Boston's Gun Bible... John Rawles gives a great review below:

JWR’s Book Review: Boston's Gun Bible

Boston's Gun Bible stands alone as the very best all-around reference for firearms owners. Not only does it cover practical rifles, pistols, and shotguns in detail, but it has a wealth of valuable information on related subjects such as optics, practical carry, training, legal issues, and legislative issues. The new expanded and updated edition (with 200 extra pages) is fantastic!

This weighty tome is an absolute must for all gun owners. At $28 it isn't cheap, but as I stated before in reviewing the previous edition, it is worth every penny. Boston's observations and conclusions about guns are precisely researched, scientific, and relatively dispassionate. Unlike many other writers in the firearms field, Boston has consistently shown that he is willing to change his mind when presented with logical evidence.

This is a book that may very well save the life of yourself or a loved one. It is also a highly influential book that may contribute in the long run to the restoration of our Constitutional Republic and freedom around the world. Boston's Gun Bible doesn't just whine about the decline of our God-given Constitutional liberties. Rather, it shows practical solutions that individual Citizens can and must take to insure the liberty of future generations. It is nothing short of a monumental work of non-fiction!

Don't just buy one copy. Buy two! You will soon find that you'll need an extra copy to lend out to family members and friends. By the way, if you already have the older edition, then I strongly suggest that you buy the latest expanded edition. This has valuable new information, so is well worth getting a new copy.

As a published writer, I stand in awe of this important piece of non-fiction. It deserves a place of honor on the bookshelf of every freedom-loving Citizen.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

व्हो इस माय अल्ली ?

Who is my Ally?
Who is my Foe?

Any person who holds the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights to be the Highest law of the Land...
these people are my Allies.

Christian, Muslim, or Jew... Libertarian or a Socialist... if they will honor the U.S. Constitution – it matters neither to whom they pray nor how they worship...
they are my Allies.

Anyone, High or Low, who works against the U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights is either an Enemy or a Traitor. Terrorist or Senator it matters not - they have made themselves my Foes.

I have sworn a sacred oath to defend our Constitution from all enemies; Foreign or Domestic. The Constitution SHALL NOT pass from this earth – not on my watch...
May God grant me the Strength & Wisdom to keep my
Loyalty Oath Sacred.

Scott A. Campanaro – FEB 2010

(for the Blair County Tea Party & Liberty)

Monday, February 15, 2010


Tom Baugh,

An interesting scenario... I find my appreciation of history somewhat different than yours. I suspect that you live in a larger urban area or suburbs... and have lived there for sometime. It is a different culture than in my area. While we are on the same team I think we see it from two different directions.

Ex. the day after the Obama election my good friends, who teaches at the local university, asked his college class (freshmen) what they thought of the election (he is/was a Ron Paul supporter as am I). It was the usual muddle until one bright sister-girl from Newark came out with: “It means we is on top... not whitey.” The Professor was intrigues that 10% of the population could take this election of a signal for black supremacy and ask what he thought was the crux-question: “What if white folks don't want to go along with that?” to which sister-girl immediately replied “who cares what white folks think – we got all the guns...!” He was so shocked that he said nothing and the conversation went back to sounds/null content that passes for speech in a society that does not teach high schoolers Latin or Greek.

This was quite interesting to me – it shows how blind urban peoples can be to reality different from their societal norm. From her perspective she is absolutely right... teen age urban black girl – all she had seen is urban non-whites with guns... she sees her middle class white friends as non-gun-owners as most are. What she has never seen (and I pray to G-d she never does) is a black youth trying to bully/dominance (including flashing his gun) some 50 something cracker only to, with in seconds, be on the ground with a knife sticking out of his eye (nor should she see his $200 tennis shoes nailed to the side of that Virginian's barn)... so I've heard through the grapevine. What this girl has never seen is bored guys waiting to get on a 1000 yard range (we have three of them with 90min of my home) take out .22 pistols and start banging away at a 300m steel target... 25% - 50% and 80% were their hit %s... I was only at 33% with my .44... so I can't chide them on poor shooting... it was just havin' fun. She has never seen what I see everyday. To her firearms are -cool or trendy or a right of passage – around here they are a skill set.

I did live in a larger urban/suburban area for about 18 years – until I just could not take it anymore and took an 80% pay-cut to return to my mountains... the Alleghenies.

Therefore, I am cognizant that these are two very separate cultures. The Red/Blue COUNTY map shows this quite well.

It will be a cultural war against the socialist/city culture. People are not going to just go along with military occupation... it is nowhere near there now and you have federal prosecutors and such disappearing every now and then... not to mention officious JBTs or JBT-lites who turn up hanging in trees.

All that being said – I would think the model will be much more of a Russian or Serbian one with bits of the IRA thrown into built-up areas.

One thing people do all the time is feel that TV is presenting the truth (you gotta go years – as an adult – w/o TV to become immune to it... Claire Wolfe was dead right about that) it is not. TV is an elegant tool for altering mental states to lower inhibitions – this is why it is such a good sales tool. One thing it is almost constitutionally incapable of is presenting the truth. It is just too limited and without an interactive component. The only people getting press are the LEOs – and certain Jingoistic Military shows. Okay, I guess... though I think it makes our people very complacent about fighting people who see on these shows because they are invariably weenies. I think these TV shows do more harm than good (no matter how weak and unskilled you should not underestimate your enemy – ALWAYS a bad habit) this is a bit reversed in urban areas where these TV shows are always regarded with Awe that the Man is invincible and blah, blah... same TV - two very different takes.... neither helpful.

I think, ultimately (say 15 or 20 years from now), people will see this as the beginning of a Renaissance... a war of restoration in which, through the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Promise of the American Revolution was fulfilled. We have been going through 25 years of Low Intensity Conflict here in America with hundreds of dead patriots and lots of inoculations against tyranny... it may just get a little more heated before it is resolved.

This is nature of Man, History, & Liberty... it is always a struggle – an upward spiral towards the nobility of the Individual vs. the oppression of the Group. Free and Noble men form Communities – slave form collectives... again we win... always. In this set of circumstances (remember: win fights with tactics – win wars with logistics) we will be pretty quick to win. After all we do have all of the logistical cards. As well as HUGE force multipliers... and the two critical ingredient – Motivation and Leadership.

Overall I am quite optimistic – Socialism – Partyism – Cronyism... they are all dying – albeit messily – like a dinosaur... dead but not knowing it.... just in multi-year death-throes... don't get squished. I think we will see more and more local autonomy and regional alliances... and it will be much easier in NON-TANK country.

I think Counties not States are going to be the going concern in the next level of American Freedom and Liberty... I am working on that Essay next.

So much for my take on that article – now to one that I have found profound.

Your “How-many-shoes” essay was very timely and I am using it to show others the importance of doing our best to control or facilitate a transition away from dark-ages collapse to a renaissance-ages transition... thank you for this essay.

Link thru here:


Friday, February 5, 2010

Knives & Binoculars

Part One: Binoculars

I may be a simple Hillbilly from Appalachia but it seems to me you can get 90% of the result with 10% of the cost – if you use your noodle... especially when it comes to weaponry and gear.

Binoculars, I like a medium sized pair that will give me a good field of view and not reflect light (or a little as possible).

These are Nikon 8x40 – very robust and have lasted 3 years without any problems.



Note: I take off my lower (Objective) lens caps but leave on the upper (Pupil) lens caps – which seem to gather dirt, gunk, and water.

Part 2: Knives – Mr. Pointy to you.

I have had dozens of knives – since I usually pay between $50 and $100 for knives I have never been let down... truly a wise man who said “Only the rich can afford to buy cheap stuff.” I cannot afford to keep buying stuff so I have finally found all the edged goodness that I will need.

I have very large hands – though I stand only 5'-10” at 220# with an honest 34” waist I have been blessed with great huge bones – edged weapons that fit me are rare... I would look until I found something that would suit me and then give it to my latest 1st Class Scout after I found the next thing that would work better for me... now I am having to buy knives for my Scouts for I am keeping what I have.

What I have... My Helle Lapplander – Available from Dryad Bows out of Texas. This knife fits my hand – it was meant for me... and I use it 90% of the time in the field – I would use it as a combat knife to as did the Finns in WWII... can't argue with a 40 to 1 kill ratio.


Cold Steel Vietnam Tomahawk – with the silly stock handle replaced with an old sledgehammer handle - hickory... pinned in place with two (2) wedges and soaked in linseed oil for about two weeks... 20” handle works better for me – especially since I am not foolish enough to throw away a weapon that is useful. The stock (13”) handle is way too short IMNSHO...


I am a fan of the weapon-not-seen is the best one to use. So my fighting knives tend to be folders... I gifted (to my last Eagle Scout) my Gerber Mark II after I got my Ti-lite 6” folder.

It easily fits into my jeans pocket.


CRKT M-16 is a nice small utility knife... that opens like a charm and has a double locking mechanism... this is in the nature of sgian duhb and very useful... see “Quigley Down Under” for how this works.



I also have two multi-tools and a Swiss army pocket knife (note: mine has a locking blade and a locking screwdriver... how cool is that). One of these tools is in either the pocket of my Flight Jacket, or my pants pocket.




One last little Item at top right of below pic is a 25 year old Remington hunting knife – and it has served me well – with this full plate I am set for edged weapons.

Note: the little took kit just by my Helle's sheath... magnesium block, hot spark, whetstone, P38, and sundries.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

सन्तेरल पेन्न्स्यल्वानिया एलेक्टिओंस

The BIGGEST Political Secret in American Politics:


I Found out about this after I watched Republican State Committees in State after State STEAL Ron Paul Delegates voices & votes and thrust 'McLame' on the party faithful... this Hijacking of the Party was deeply irritating to me. A local committee man of the Republican Central Committee told me how this was all our fault... WTF....?

The weird thing - He was right - the State Delegates who Hijacked the Nomination did the hijacking at the COUNTY LEVEL... Here is the Secret:

ANYONE can get on the Committee at the County Level - ANYONE.

When I did it a few months later it was as a write-in with two votes... 2 votes!

The powers-that-be were a little nervous at us Ron Paul Supporters (and allot of us became Tea-party Members and 'Town Hollers'... so that fear is justifiable) got into the mix so quickly... thus there is talk of not allowing write-ins with less than 10 votes - so go get the signature card (directions in the link above)... and join the committee of your CHOICE - R or D.... and Drag both parties kicking and Screaming back to a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC base on local support and input... END THE EMPIRE - RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.


Lois sent this out to the Republicans - the Democrats have the same opportunity to take control of their party (theirs is every 4 years... and this 2010 is that year).

This is for Republicans and Democrats or even Independents & Libertarians who want to take back the local politics from those who have Hijacked the Parties... whether to return to Al Smith Democrats or Taft Republicans.... if you do nothing different than what you have done you will get nothing different... your actions will define you.

Where Lois uses Republican I would use Constitutionalists.... I have not a care about parties per se - I WANT THE U.S. Constitution back if it means the destruction of both parties so be it... but maybe it will be not so dramatic...?

- Scott


Happy New Year!
The Republican Party is hoping that 2010 will be a better year for our party than the past 2 years have been.  What will happen in the next 2-4 years will depend in large part upon what happens to our local clubs, most importantly, the local Republican Committee.
Our committee positions are up for election this spring.  They are elected 2 Republican representatives in every precinct.  We have 20 precincts in Blair County, according to my records, that are completely vacant.  That means that 20 precincts have absolutely no representation in our party.  There are another 35 precincts that have only one representative.  (In most cases, one polling place is one precinct.)  (In 2008, mine was the only precinct in Blair County that had a contested race.)
Some of our committee people are inactive.  They don’t attend the infrequent meetings.  They don’t participate in less frequent committee events.  They don’t communicate with their constituents in the neighborhoods. They are committee people on paper only.
Chairman A.C. Stickel has made available lists of Republicans who vote in the precincts that are completely vacant.  We need to find a few Republicans who care enough about our party to become committee people this year.
Nomination petitions will be available on Feb. 16 at the Elections office.  You need 10 valid signatures from your Republican neighbors in order to get your name on the Primary Election ballot in your precinct.  Any registered Republican can run for these important party positions.
If you doubt the importance of the committee, please consider that a handful of Republican committee people determined the outcome of the 2009 mayoral race in Altoona when they were asked to elect a replacement when candidate Bob Johnson withdrew from the race.  Ask yourself when was the last time we had a Democrat as mayor of Altoona?
If you doubt the importance of the committee, ask yourself, how did Bill Shuster become our Congressman?  He was nominated by the committee to be the candidate for the special election when his father resigned in mid-term.  Ask yourself it this was just a coincidence.  Ask yourself if it was a coincidence that the committee was a third vacant at the time, and the factions scrambled to stack the committee at the last conceivable moment.
My friends, how can we have good government if this is the way we are going to run our party?
In 2010 there is a good chance we will have third-party and/or Independent candidates trying to take away votes from Republicans in the General Election in November.  They will have the ability to split the conservative vote and put another liberal in a powerful position.  That is the last thing we need in these times!  It is more important than ever that we do everything we can to strengthen our party and ask people to do more than just vote.
I need your help making phone calls in the precincts to find some good people to participate in our party.  Please let me know what you are willing to do.
In liberty,
Lois Kaneshiki