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Friday, February 5, 2010

Knives & Binoculars

Part One: Binoculars

I may be a simple Hillbilly from Appalachia but it seems to me you can get 90% of the result with 10% of the cost – if you use your noodle... especially when it comes to weaponry and gear.

Binoculars, I like a medium sized pair that will give me a good field of view and not reflect light (or a little as possible).

These are Nikon 8x40 – very robust and have lasted 3 years without any problems.



Note: I take off my lower (Objective) lens caps but leave on the upper (Pupil) lens caps – which seem to gather dirt, gunk, and water.

Part 2: Knives – Mr. Pointy to you.

I have had dozens of knives – since I usually pay between $50 and $100 for knives I have never been let down... truly a wise man who said “Only the rich can afford to buy cheap stuff.” I cannot afford to keep buying stuff so I have finally found all the edged goodness that I will need.

I have very large hands – though I stand only 5'-10” at 220# with an honest 34” waist I have been blessed with great huge bones – edged weapons that fit me are rare... I would look until I found something that would suit me and then give it to my latest 1st Class Scout after I found the next thing that would work better for me... now I am having to buy knives for my Scouts for I am keeping what I have.

What I have... My Helle Lapplander – Available from Dryad Bows out of Texas. This knife fits my hand – it was meant for me... and I use it 90% of the time in the field – I would use it as a combat knife to as did the Finns in WWII... can't argue with a 40 to 1 kill ratio.


Cold Steel Vietnam Tomahawk – with the silly stock handle replaced with an old sledgehammer handle - hickory... pinned in place with two (2) wedges and soaked in linseed oil for about two weeks... 20” handle works better for me – especially since I am not foolish enough to throw away a weapon that is useful. The stock (13”) handle is way too short IMNSHO...


I am a fan of the weapon-not-seen is the best one to use. So my fighting knives tend to be folders... I gifted (to my last Eagle Scout) my Gerber Mark II after I got my Ti-lite 6” folder.

It easily fits into my jeans pocket.


CRKT M-16 is a nice small utility knife... that opens like a charm and has a double locking mechanism... this is in the nature of sgian duhb and very useful... see “Quigley Down Under” for how this works.



I also have two multi-tools and a Swiss army pocket knife (note: mine has a locking blade and a locking screwdriver... how cool is that). One of these tools is in either the pocket of my Flight Jacket, or my pants pocket.




One last little Item at top right of below pic is a 25 year old Remington hunting knife – and it has served me well – with this full plate I am set for edged weapons.

Note: the little took kit just by my Helle's sheath... magnesium block, hot spark, whetstone, P38, and sundries.

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