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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

सन्तेरल पेन्न्स्यल्वानिया एलेक्टिओंस

The BIGGEST Political Secret in American Politics:


I Found out about this after I watched Republican State Committees in State after State STEAL Ron Paul Delegates voices & votes and thrust 'McLame' on the party faithful... this Hijacking of the Party was deeply irritating to me. A local committee man of the Republican Central Committee told me how this was all our fault... WTF....?

The weird thing - He was right - the State Delegates who Hijacked the Nomination did the hijacking at the COUNTY LEVEL... Here is the Secret:

ANYONE can get on the Committee at the County Level - ANYONE.

When I did it a few months later it was as a write-in with two votes... 2 votes!

The powers-that-be were a little nervous at us Ron Paul Supporters (and allot of us became Tea-party Members and 'Town Hollers'... so that fear is justifiable) got into the mix so quickly... thus there is talk of not allowing write-ins with less than 10 votes - so go get the signature card (directions in the link above)... and join the committee of your CHOICE - R or D.... and Drag both parties kicking and Screaming back to a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC base on local support and input... END THE EMPIRE - RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.


Lois sent this out to the Republicans - the Democrats have the same opportunity to take control of their party (theirs is every 4 years... and this 2010 is that year).

This is for Republicans and Democrats or even Independents & Libertarians who want to take back the local politics from those who have Hijacked the Parties... whether to return to Al Smith Democrats or Taft Republicans.... if you do nothing different than what you have done you will get nothing different... your actions will define you.

Where Lois uses Republican I would use Constitutionalists.... I have not a care about parties per se - I WANT THE U.S. Constitution back if it means the destruction of both parties so be it... but maybe it will be not so dramatic...?

- Scott


Happy New Year!
The Republican Party is hoping that 2010 will be a better year for our party than the past 2 years have been.  What will happen in the next 2-4 years will depend in large part upon what happens to our local clubs, most importantly, the local Republican Committee.
Our committee positions are up for election this spring.  They are elected 2 Republican representatives in every precinct.  We have 20 precincts in Blair County, according to my records, that are completely vacant.  That means that 20 precincts have absolutely no representation in our party.  There are another 35 precincts that have only one representative.  (In most cases, one polling place is one precinct.)  (In 2008, mine was the only precinct in Blair County that had a contested race.)
Some of our committee people are inactive.  They don’t attend the infrequent meetings.  They don’t participate in less frequent committee events.  They don’t communicate with their constituents in the neighborhoods. They are committee people on paper only.
Chairman A.C. Stickel has made available lists of Republicans who vote in the precincts that are completely vacant.  We need to find a few Republicans who care enough about our party to become committee people this year.
Nomination petitions will be available on Feb. 16 at the Elections office.  You need 10 valid signatures from your Republican neighbors in order to get your name on the Primary Election ballot in your precinct.  Any registered Republican can run for these important party positions.
If you doubt the importance of the committee, please consider that a handful of Republican committee people determined the outcome of the 2009 mayoral race in Altoona when they were asked to elect a replacement when candidate Bob Johnson withdrew from the race.  Ask yourself when was the last time we had a Democrat as mayor of Altoona?
If you doubt the importance of the committee, ask yourself, how did Bill Shuster become our Congressman?  He was nominated by the committee to be the candidate for the special election when his father resigned in mid-term.  Ask yourself it this was just a coincidence.  Ask yourself if it was a coincidence that the committee was a third vacant at the time, and the factions scrambled to stack the committee at the last conceivable moment.
My friends, how can we have good government if this is the way we are going to run our party?
In 2010 there is a good chance we will have third-party and/or Independent candidates trying to take away votes from Republicans in the General Election in November.  They will have the ability to split the conservative vote and put another liberal in a powerful position.  That is the last thing we need in these times!  It is more important than ever that we do everything we can to strengthen our party and ask people to do more than just vote.
I need your help making phone calls in the precincts to find some good people to participate in our party.  Please let me know what you are willing to do.
In liberty,
Lois Kaneshiki