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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Glynn Wilson,

My question to you Re:

"Living in a Land of Rising Right-Wing Hate"

How many Tea Party or Militia meetings have you attended? I doubt you are in compliance with FEDERAL LAW regarding your militia responsibilities*... if you are you have my apologies. An old Jewish proverb - "Before you Judge - Investigate." Sound Wisdom. I have not seen any of the 'Hate' you describe only a profound Love and Reverence for the U. S. Constitution... the Highest Law of the Land.

It is perhaps a combination of 'Projection' and simple laziness... but maybe you, simply, have not thought this through... so I will assume Ignorance not Aggression and put the ball in your court.

Attend these events - keep your mouth closed and your eyes open and then THINK about what they are saying... read the Constitution and the Federalist & Anti-federalist papers - read Locke, Plutarch, and the other writers our Founders read... Imagine that there is something you would kill or die for... or just keep doing what you are doing - typing your intellectual stupor out on to the web.

By the by: I am not 'Right Wing' - at least according to the "Nolan Chart" :
& I am overcome, not by hate, but with a Dismayed Sadness at the absolute LUST that seems to dominate the Socialist Collective to drive us Headlong over the Cliff of Civil War; a war they cannot win.

I will keep to my Oath as a defender of the U. S. Constitution as I was charged 30 years ago as an Army ROTC cadet signing my 'contract'... Education can, almost, always defuse conflict... if even only through realizing your self-appointed enemy is too tough to prevail against.

Bona na Croin – Scott



"If voting could change the system, it would be illegal."" 
— Theodor Adorno